Kim Armington is available for private sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

offering Pilates and Physical Therapy Rehab

Kim has been a fitness instructor for over twenty years.  She has taught water aerobics, geriatric fitness classes, ice-skating, swimming, Parkinson’s specialty class, pre/post natal classes and a variety of workshops.  She has taught as adjunct faculty in the PE departments at Suomi college in Houghton, MI and Northland College in Ashland WI.

She loves teaching because no day is ever the same and she is continually learning!   She is in awe of what her students teach her every day!  She has been teaching Mat Pilates since 2005 and obtained her comprehensive certification from Balanced Body in 2011. Her last endeavor put her on the faculty at Balanced Body; she became a Master Teacher Trainer for the Anatomy in Three Dimensions course.She was a Physical Therapist Assistant for 13 years.  

The combination of Pilates and PT lead her into her specialties of Pre/post natal, Scoliosis and neurological conditions like MS and Parkinson’s.  She feels her forte is helping clients understand the details in the Pilates method.  She feels that magic happens to bodies in a Pilates studio whether you are fit or injured!

Her passion and desired to make a difference in peoples lives comes from her own personal journey to recover mentally and physically from 4 years of constant pain.  The journey gave her the ability to come into each person’s life with compassion for their individual story and desire to make change in their life.   She loves Pilates because she feels it’s “juicy” movement!  She does Pilates because at 60 years old she can still bike Shadow Mountain with her two boys, she can ski deeper and steeper than she ever thought she could and she can take on new sports like kite boarding with confidence and rip across Jackson Lake on a waterski.